The history, the culture, the art and the transition that has seen the growth of the Kenyan Matatus are nothing short of glorious, a close scrutiny and careful documentation will bear just the same results. It is my hope that, along the course of our journey together, I paint the true picture of the history and lifestyle that the Matatus, now a part of our existence, continually influence the trajectory of our future .


The first modernized mode of transport in the City of Nairobi was Horse drawn rickshaws monopolized by Mr. Aly Khan who owned and operated stables at Nairobi’s Market Street, currently Muindi Mbingu Street. Mr. Douglas Galton-Fenzi changed the game when he set up the royal east Africa Automobile Association. This was shortly after being the first person to make the historic Mombasa to Nairobi drive in 1926. The motor vehicle industry quickly gained popularity among the white settlers owing to the ban that prevented the licensing of Africans to carry passengers .


While at it, the textbook Matatu Love affair brews with Johny at the rear seat trying so hard to make known his Gucci belt and exotic perfume, while Kevo is busy wooing his way into the attention radar of Mary with a Smooth, “ Utafungua dirisha ama Nifungue Roho?”(will you open the windows or should I open my heart) Nothing speaks more unity five years later, while prepping Kevin Lagat for the wedding show with Mary Nantei , than the catchphrase we met on the Mathrees to Ronga and I paid for her fare. Music, hot and cheesy supplied courtesy of the number one Matatu content provider, NYCE MEDIA, plays in the background as Njeri constantly monkeys from the entrance to the road and back again to allow for those talkative Mama Mbogas to alight with their merchandise and leave Mercy at the back of their seat yearning for more of that Juicy talk about the drama that went down in the estate.

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