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Mobisol Activation

Nyce Media

Nyce Media ran below the line activation campaign for Mobisol in Siaya, Busia, Kisumu counties and Eldoret in April 2019. Nyce Media did both content In 20 matatus and market storms in markets and public places in the regions. Mobisol sought to reach people in rural areas, therefore, they sold solar panels. Depending on the solar panel, which varied in terms of prices, a customer would get an additional of either a TV set, light bulbs, woofer and batteries. Mobisol was able to achieve 30,600 eyeballs in one month for those 20 matatus.


Telkom has recently rebranded, making a huge comeback as a young and trendy brand……..


Nyce Media

For the first time, Nestle is running adverts in matatus targeting key market segment believed ……


Go Tv Kenya. GOtv ran a campaign for its newly launched TV Show ‘STORY YANGU”. In its………

Population service kenya

Nyce Media

POPULATION SERVICE KENYA is the leader in strengthening health markets, empowerin  for and access to quality ….


The UN Refugee Agency, is a global organization dedicated to saving lives………….

Switch Tv

Nyce Media

SWITCH TV ran eight campaigns for its newly launched TV shows whereby Nyce media carried out the activation’s on our wifi platforms where the campaigns were spread in over 30 wifi locations which were aided to attract more audience.


Nyce Media

Digital Satellite Television(DSTV) a service owned by Multichoice, provides multiple channels and services. In their attempt to reach a bigger audience and push local Tv shows; Varshita and Selina, Nyce Media did both normal and graffiti branding in 16 vehicles in Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa. We consider graffiti branding as a moving billboard, hence making it reach the target and big audience.

Our Clients

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…..protecting rights and building a better future for refugees, forcibly displaced communities and stateless people. UNHCR works to protect and assist refugees everywhere. UNHCR has been running a step for safety campaign which was a walk initiative aided to  draw attention to the plight of forcibly displaced people and strive to change the public perception of the refugee narrative by highlighting their resilience. NYCE MEDIA ran the campaign for one month both content in matatu and wifi in restaurants within Nairobi

…..a state of deep relaxation while at the same time knowing your desires have been delivered straight to the universe. @ PrideInn Hotel Lantana Hotel, Westland, Nairobi

…….by Nyce Media Agency and aims at emerging and established talents before rewarding them for their efforts.The prospect was coined and initiated by the CEO Mr.Gilbert Kinanga as a tool to fulfill the company’s social responsibility.The awards will cover an array of disciplines including but not limited to performing artists,comedians and upcoming artists,sports persons,radio and TV presenters and fashion enthusiasts.

……….. and access to quality and affordable health products and services. PS has been running a campaign of saving lives, helping families and protecting them from diseases. Population service has been using subsidy to reduce barriers to access and leveraging private sector distribution chain to reach those in need within their space. NYCE MEDIA has been running the campaign in 320 locations.

…….in its quest, GOtv was seeking to reach people in unparalleled ways including but not limited to Bill Boards, Radio, TV, Online and for the first time in Matatus through Nyce Media Services. Nyce Media Services push for advertisers to seek new ways to place communication in unusual places is partly an effort to draw people in just at the time they might be thinking about that product or service. The move to put more intrusive advertising in more public places comes as advertisers fret that people aren’t paying as much attention to traditional advertising methods, especially the staple 30-second television spot. That’s left marketers eager to push their message in places and ways that force people to pay attention. Thereby REALISING Diversification and customization are perhaps the most appropriate terms that we should use when speaking about the future of native advertising, GOTV reached 6.4 million every month.

….to be the biggest beneficiaries of the product. Nyce Media was able to run the Nestle campaign in 70 locations. NESTLE’S Campaign that is, 3 in 1 dubbed the most successful with adverts being haltered due best market product reception. Giving the best solution to attract the prospective audience. NESTLE reached 5.2 million every month.

Nyce Media do both content,wi-fi and branding , completing the cycle for Telkom

Matatus, having routed within the youth cultures defining how they dress, communicate and interact, became an ideal platform for the campaign. Nyce media did both content and Wi-Fi, completing the cycle for Telkom. Therefore in a month Telkom reached 2.3 targeted audience.