Marketing. The promotion of buying or selling of goods and/or services.
Marketing therefore should lead to awareness, and awareness to sales and so forth.
An effective marketing action should create awareness in an effective and efficient manner.
This is what creates value for a business that wants to promote its goods and/ or services and is the sole objective for Demand Solutions’ Energy.

Demand Solutions is a renowned marketing agency that provides solutions that connects brands and consumers. We have developed and rolled out platforms that have interrupted the Out-of-Home advertising scene the last decade.
Our platforms are well thought and build on four distinctive objectives that are extended to our clients as their Return on investment:

  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Retention
  • Upsell
  • Customer Reactivation

Why Demand Solutions

Understanding the current marketing trends is important in order to determine the most effective marketing tools.
In a world saturated with information, how do you make sure you are heard?
With most corporate marketing effort being spent on digital marketing platforms and strategies, one wonders why there aren’t numerous success stories.
The real reason, most do not understand how to extract value from them.
We offer a different, more direct solution, whose value speaks for itself.

Our Approach

Instead of looking to fit into platforms that are not developed with corporate awareness in mind, we seek to innovate our own.
We research a problem and create a solution.
The solution must serve both the consumer and the company that wishes to communicate with this customer.
This is at the core of our operations.