Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Connect to nyce wi-fi

Stay connected to nyce wi-fi and market your brand

Advertise your brand through Nyce Wi-Fi

 If you can’t share your brands smart people can’t do anything about them and your brand will remain anonymous. That is where Nyce Wi-Fi comes in. Social Wi-Fi is the future of targeted marketing, Our unique proposition therefore indicates clients will not only market brands, but have a database of consumers that they can push messages to effortlessly.

You will be able to reach people on the go through their smart phones as they connect to the Wi-Fi.

There are multiple Ad formats that advertisers can choose from.

Smartly spend your advertising budget to your target market.

You can target specific locations which helps you reach your target market
more efficiently.

You can view the status and reports of your Ad campaigns in real-time
through our clients portal, with this you can optimize the performance and
adjust based on results.

people have their phone with them in 22 Hours in a day 79%
Data traffic offloaded onto WI-FI 60%
Consumers in-store have a WI-FI capable device 70%

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